You cannot skip the first step

I just saw Facebook status of a person I met on the cruise. She said it helped her a lot when she “embraced” her current (negative) situation… And that reminded me of something important, something that I myself have experienced at the beginning of change. Although I may have mentioned it in some of the texts, I never said or stressed it’s importance.

A year ago when I started to listen to Abraham’s teachings, I immediately started listening to their guided meditation (my personal favorite: “General wellbeing meditation”).

At one point during the meditation they say that right now I am exactly where I intended to be (before I came to the physical world) and that the source within me is pleased.

To me this sentence was like a pill, take it and you immediately feel better. I realized just how much resistance I was releasing. Up to that point I felt pretty lost, focusing on everything and anything, and it seemed to me like I was on “the wrong path”, missing my purpose completely… (more on this in the text: How to find your path?). I wrote about focus and how it really helped me at that point in my life. I emphasize the importance of focus in the text The word that changes everything, because it’s all about where you focus your energy.

The first step towards change is acceptance of the current situation. Why? Because if you don’t accept where you are now, you will have too much resistance which will prevent exactly what you want – and that is change. For example when you don’t feel well, and you try really hard to change something, “Let’s change the focus”, “Let’s choose the thought that will make me feel better,” etc., Do you feel how hard it is? It’s difficult because of the resistance you have towards the current situation.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to understand is that everything happens here and now. You can’t  feel dissatisfied in the here and now with your current situation, and then frantically try to change something in order for it to be better tomorrow. Tomorrow will be here and now and, again you will be frantically trying and again be unhappy…

It is possible that your strong desire and effort “overrun” or overcome the current resistance, and even without a sense of “acknowledgment” of the situation you still  witness the changes in the desired direction, but it is a far more difficult road to take… You need a lot more energy, effort, and it is not your path of least resistance …

What is important is not to try and understand this step “in theory”, or take it as just another “rule”. This is the truth. Here where you are now (however that might look to you at the moment) really is the best place for you. The Source that’s in you, that sees the bigger picture, it sees everything that you see and more, knows that you are in the best place for you, and that from that point where you are right now you can get to where you want to be.

Even though you may have been shaken by some smaller or larger contrasts, just remember what a contrast really is. Birth of a desire. Amen. Contrast serves to produce a desire. All that contrast around you was actually a foundation, just a fertile ground for the birth and growth of your wishes. So how can that not be the best place for you? You felt some negative emotions? Super. It means your ever-present guiding system works. It’s functioning. It’s letting you know what to do next. In what direction to turn. And everything is all right. It’s in perfect order. When you realize that it is precisely the current location, with all the charms of contrast it may have brought to you, actually ideal, perfect, the best place from which you have created what you want to experience and where the fruits that you will enjoy later are from, then you know that this place the best place for you. Then it isn’t just a rule, a step 1 towards change. Then it is so. Because it is so

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