How Abraham sees us

From the first moment I saw Esther, I felt such a huge appreciation that was so overwhelming and impossible to describe with words. Every word that comes out of that mouth is full of love and wisdom, and the only question is how much we can absorb, feel, receive, how much we are allowing ourselves to feel these words.

During this journey of 12 days with Esther and Abraham, it became much clearer to me how Abraham sees us.

One day I came to the workshop and felt exhausted because I experienced something that I perceived as a huge contrast. (Yes, even in such “ideal” conditions such as luxury cruisers one can experience contrasts and not feel well. And that is the best indication of how these external conditions do not matter at all.) At one point, Abraham called out someone from the audience to the hot seat and I turned back to see that person, and then I looked at Abraham. They were looking at me. Ah! That moment, that eye contact is something that I will never forget in my life. The waves of energy that came to me, at the same time transforming into thoughts and feelings, and I realized that they completely understand my situation, they perfectly understand how I feel, what is going on with me and all about this situation. In fact, in some ways I felt that their understanding was even deeper, better, stronger and broader than my own views and understanding of self and my contrast. At the same time they were sending me a clear message, that they see me “for who I really am,” standing firmly in the place from which they see me in my greatest alignment, and everything that is not who I truly am (and these were certain thoughts and beliefs that were in that moment active within me), melted in the same moment. Just like a snow that is struck with such warmth that it instantly disappeared, so fast that you could not even see it melting with your own eyes, and you wonder if it ever existed at all? 🙂

I recently read what someone wrote to a popular motivational speaker regarding her trip to Abraham workshop. She said that Esther must be very proud of her. It inspired me to share what I experienced and realized on this trip. Esther is proud of all of us! Actually “proud” may not be the right word. She sees us all equally. For we are all equal. Equally perfect, because the perfect creator created us, and diversity is what we came here for, to re-discover who we really are and how perfect we really are. It is difficult to understand perfection without experiencing imperfections. But it was clear to me from that one eye contact that she sees us constantly in this very perfection. It brought me into alignment in seconds, and I became aware of who I really am and why I am here, and I became aware of the benefits that this and every other contrast brought to me and to all of us.

There is nothing that we are supposed to do, or change, or improve within ourselves. We already are absolutely perfect beings. If from this moment on we never did anything at all, not one single thing, everything we have done so far is more than enough. Our value is always recognized by those who know what the real value is, but we, as a manifestation in these physical bodies often turn ourselves in the direction of lack and limitation, in other words in the direction of contrast that only further confirms who we actually are, to us, to our creator and everything that is.

Abraham does not measure our results and does not count how long we were on a high vibration today. They do not even care if we meditated or not. They only want us to feel good, to follow our own path of joy, to love ourselves more and more every day and to enjoy life. And then circumstances are easily changed in our favour, because we are “tuned in”, into the highest vibration, because we are in line with our source, with who we truly are. It is then that we easily allow the physical manifestation of everything that we have created so far, we let our desires become our reality.

If you woke up today thinking you should have meditated, but you did not, and notice that again you are on a low vibration, and start blaming yourself for that, try to forget it all today and just give yourselves a break. You do not need to do anything. Everything is already in a perfect order. Try to see yourself today as Abraham sees you. You are perfect. You do not need to change anything. Just enjoy and love yourself a little bit more today than you did yesterday! Let that be your only task today!

Love you all 🙂


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