It takes so little

Where are you now? How do you feel? Not happy with your surroundings, your manifestations? Or you are? What are you thinking about? What are you focusing on? How does your day look like, on the “inside”? What are you telling yourself?

It’s interesting how much we want “that something”, to be in that place, to have this and that, to feel the certain way … It is also interesting how little it takes for this to happen. A little. Yes, very little. Yet often we choose to stay where we are. We observe the circumstances as if they would never change. And we know they are constantly changing. We choose to continue to think the same thoughts.

Or, we “make an effort” to change our focus a little and be more selective about our thoughts. Just a little change and already there is a shift. But that’s soon forgotten and we concede to thoughts we “pick up” along the way… We are more selective about what we wear, the hairstyle we have, the kind of food we eat then we are about the thoughts that we think. Isn’t that interesting? Yet it is the most powerful tool we have and the one that can shape everything else in life.

Although we learn of ways to redirect our thoughts, to use them for our benefit etc., it is still the most difficult part of the journey, even though we know that is all that’s truly needed to get “that something”. Do we then really know?

Do you really know how much impact would 15 minutes of deliberate focus or quiet meditation, getting rid off all your thoughts, have on your life? Do you know that if you continued doing that for let’s say 30 days your whole life could change? That most of the “problems” or challenges you are facing right now will fade away and you will see the world from a completely different perspective? Do you know that? Ask yourself if you really know. Because if you do, you will start doing it and nothing can stop you. Because if you really know, then this will be your no. 1 priority. There won’t be days when “you don’t have the time”…

I remember the sentence I heard Esther say on the cruise: “You don’t have time not to meditate!” You do not have time to skip this important, the most important part of your day. You don’t have the time. If you really know how important this is, if you know that your thoughts direct your energy and what you direct your energy at will come to pass in your reality … then you do not have time not to meditate. Then you have no excuse not to choose your thoughts. Because everything else stems from that. Because this is the most important part.

How much do you really know? Look around you. What do you see? That is how much you knew up to now. How much you really know, will be seen in the next step you make. What are you going to do next? How much do you want things to be better? How much do you want to move forward? How much do you want to rediscover yourself and to create a new version of yourself? Happier version of yourself? Successful version of yourself? How much do you care about it? How important is it to you?

Everything you need you already have at your disposal. We might not all have the same resources in our hands right now, but we all have the same SOURCE of resources. All of us.

And it doesn’t matter which resources you have right now, but what you do with what you have. It does not matter what is here now, but how you use what you have. It does not matter what your current circumstances are, but what kind of thoughts you have. What you are thinking right now is what will greet you tomorrow.

So little is needed and yet, to many it’s that “little” that is the insurmountable obstacle. You are standing at the door of your desired life. You are looking around feeling worried, because you don’t like what you see on this side of the door. Are you scared? Feeling desperate? All you need to do is open the door a little. Or even just a window … And that is all it takes for the change to happen. Redirecting your thoughts just a little could change everything. How much do you really want it? How are you going to spend the next 15 minutes?

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