Be nicer to yourself

I have heard so many times: “Be nicer to yourself!”, or “Love yourself more!” And so did yu, I believe. With time and constantly working I began realizing that I could love myself more, and that sometimes I acted as if I really didn’t love myself. I was my own worst enemy… And no matter how many times I heard these words, at the very beginning they didn’t make sense to me.

But with time, the change came along with a better feeling, with feeling of love growing inside of me. Love for others. Because now I looked at others with very little or no criticism. Love for life. Because it was getting better and better every day. Love for myself. Because I began to understand that I am not separated from everything else that exists, I realized that me and my Source are One. That means that I am perfect too, because Perfection created me. It also means I cannot make mistakes. Whatever I do. That means that I am always loved and supported, no matter what. That means that I can choose whatever I want, because I know that the basis of my life is freedom. It also means that feeling good is my natural state of being. And only from that state of feeling good I can help others feel better. Only from that state I can allow life to be good to me.

So how to be nicer to yourself? When you start working on yourself there is a catch. You realize some things that you didn’t realize before, and you want to change it all immediately. All those old limiting beliefs, habits, behaviour, thoughts… you want to get rid of them all at once. Because now you get it.

And what happens then? As you start working on yourself, you notice small changes. One moment you are flying high, yeeees! It feels so great! And then you face a contrast, and your vibration drops … You try to apply some of the methods you learnt in order to get back into the Vortex, but it doesn’t help. Or you don’t even try because contrast overwhelms you and you find yourself thinking negative thoughts. One by one, and before you know it, several hours or even days have passed…

And all of what you understood at the very beginning now seems so far away. Vortex. Yes. Right. Unattainable dream. Because you didn’t act on time. You didn’t remember in the moment of contrast, what contrast really is, you didn’t manage to face it and say: “I know who you are! And I know that you serve me!” Instead, you allowed it to drown you, supersede you, you allowed… And now you blame yourself.

You forget the first and basic truth about yourself. That you are perfect. That you cannot make a mistake. That everything is always working out for you. That you are endlessly loved. That you are eternal. That your Source always keeps an eye on you… And that in these moments of blaming yourself, you are furthest away from your true self, from who you really are.

Even in these moments, you and your Source are One. Even in these moments your Source sees a perfect being that you are. Even in these moments you are endlessly loved.

Abraham explained it perfectly in the following example: “A person asked us: “Abraham, I feel appreciation, do I get an A from you?” And we say: “Yes, you do.” “And my friend, he feels depressed, does he get an F?” And we say:”No, he gets an A as well!

No matter where you are right now, your Source loves you equally. ALWAYS! No matter what you are feeling right now, whether it’s appreciation, frustration or sadness, give yourself an A! Feel this moment, be fully aware of it. Be aware of the emotion you feel right now. And pick another one that brings you more relief. But first give yourself an A. In this moment you are exactly where you need to be. And this is the best place for you. Because everything is always working out for you.

All that you have ever desired is ready and waiting for you to become ready to receive it. So give yourself an A, be nicer to yourself, because that is the only way you can allow for it come to you.

You don’t need anyone’s permission. You don’t need anyone’s approval. All that you need you already have. Because you are perfect. Allow yourself to be that way…

Love you all 🙂


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