Success is a state of mind

On one of my workshops yesterday I gave participants a task which included a question about success. What is success to you? The whole task was so good that I ended up doing it myself. When I got to the question about success I stopped and thought about it. The title sentence came to mind, Success is a state of mind! Of course! No other definition of success is more precise or correct.

I could say: Success is abundance of love, happiness, health, wealth, friendships etc. But it’s not. All of that is a consequence. All of our manifestations are consequences. Even though people often measure their success by their achievements, possessions, what they are surrounded with like people and things, beautiful places they’ve been to, all of that in it’s core isn’t success. It’s consequence of success.

Success starts long before you start living the life you always dreamed of. It starts in your head. It starts in that eureka moment when you start to change things. In the moment when you realize that you can live the way you want to. When you realize it is all up to you. When you know that your state of mind causes your emotional state. And when you choose the state of mind that makes you feel phenomenal that is the success. All those people that live how they want, or successfully according to their standards, have first succeeded internally. In their heads.

How long will you be successful? This question actually uncovers the accuracy of this sentence. At least to me. Imagine you have everything you want. Amazing! You feel happy for a couple of days, maybe a week. Maybe even a whole month. Doubtful but let’s say it’s correct. What then? Even if you imagine yourself living your dream isn’t it possible that even in those surroundings sooner or later there will be obstacles? Maybe you’ll see something you don’t like? You’ll get overwhelmed with a problem that you won’t even notice the beauty around you? And is that a success then? It’s not. Not to me.

If you don’t feel good this very moment, regardless of everything that surrounds you and all your achievements, that is not success. You are not successful in this moment.

Success really is a state of mind. The more we are in that state, in the state where we are focused on all that is good, that we like and love, all that makes us happy, the more that we drink it in, and milk it and keep going forward with a happy outlook on life thinking how wonderful the life is, wondering what’s next…. the more we are in that state the more successful we are.

There is a sentence from Esther Hick that really resonates with me and perfectly explains what I am trying to say, ” Feel appreciation for what is, and eagerness for what is coming. “

That is a state of mind. Knowing that everything is how it’s suppose to be. That everything else is coming. Joy in the moment. Because life is made of moments. This moment, and this one, and this one…. What is your moment like right now? What is your state of mind like now? How do you feel? That is how successful you are.

Love you all 🙂


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