Let go and go with the flow

Many people contacted me after I returned from my recent cruise with Esther Hicks. They asked about new blog posts. New wisdom 🙂 New insights. What have I learned?

I could write tons of texts about new insights that I have got on this amazing cruise. But that’s not it 🙂 As always, I like to look back and squeeze the essence that I have infiltrated into my experience, the knowledge that has become a part of me.

And that is the thought in the title of this post. Let go and go with the flow. That is what I realized during the cruise, deeper, stronger and louder than ever before!

Trying to be better today than you were yesterday? But are you better to yourself? Or who do you want to be better to?

Trying to get closer and closer to your goals, dreams, desires? Trying to work on your self improvement? Trying to eat more healthy, trying to change some habits you don’t like… Trying to do better, to achieve more… Trying to be a better partner, friend, parent…

You’re trying. Constantly. And when you see even the slightest indication that points to a different outcome than the desired one, you become hard on yourself. You want to make it better. You must. Yes, you are going to change. And you’re going to make some changes in your life tomorrow… To become a better You. Someone who will be seen through the eyes of the world in a little better way than today. And you will feel better… Maybe.

You’ll read another book. Go on another seminar. Maybe a new cruise. You will do it. To become a better You.

Meanwhile life is passing by… Flowing… Like a river. And it seems like it doesn’t really care about all your effort. All those shoulds and musts… It just flows. Calmly and effortlessly, regardless of your effort. No matter if you do something or try to improve, or not. No matter if you read more, learn more, work on your self improvement. Or not.

What’s the point in all of this then? The river of life flows and will continue to flow no matter what, and finally reach the ocean and mingle with it. What are you doing all this time? Are you trying to beautify the river? Don’t you see it is already beautiful? Are you trying to speed up its flow, and missing to realize that all its paths lead to the ocean anyway, regardless of all your actions, effort, work…?

You are a river. Flowing down the hills. And forests. You are splashing around the beautiful landscapes. The sun is mirroring itself in you. You’re a reflection of its shine. And flowers on the side greeting you on you journey…

And you keep on trying. Trying what? To calm down the river? Don’t you know that it is impossible, and even if it were possible, you wouldn’t want it. For it would be deserted and empty space. You don’t want that. You want meadows. And the hills. And rocks and stones sometimes on your path. Because they shape your flow.

Let it all go and go with the flow. Live. Yes, just like that. Get up, take a deep breath. Breathe in and feel the flow of life within you. Feel it. Feel the pulse. Feel the life within you. And live.

What do you want to do now? Do it. Now. Yes, now. There is nothing out there anyway. And nothing will ever be there. All there is is just this moment. And the pulse of life within you. Blend with the river of life. Because the journey is wonderful. And you will reach the ocean eventually anyway… But until then, explore all the charm of your unique and delicious journey.

Let it all go and just go with a flow of life. Let the river carry you… You don’t need to carry all of it with you, all these things, all that heavy load, because on your way you will find a lot more. A lot of New. Wonderful. Enchanting. And with less load on your back you will flow more easily. More joyfully…

Let it all go and go with the flow.

Love you all

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