I love my silence

I wanted to change the title, after writing this one (although it came in a second, as a pure inspiration), but these words were reluctant to change. I love my silence. And that’s it 🙂

Yes, I do love my silence. I like to return to myself, after all those noise and conversations, information, meetings, crowds, traffic… And after the noise and mess that my own thoughts make in my head.

I love my silence. It is wiser than many sentences that could be said. Or written. The ones that I would analyze sometimes. In order to find answers I seek from all these wise sentences of the wise people. Missing to realize that the answer lies hidden in my silence.

I love my silence. And as soon as I feel it, I get to understand its power. I realize that it is louder than any noise in the world. I realize it is infinite and neverending. I realize it is always here. In the background of every conversation.

Sometimes there is no one in this world who can explain something to me so well, like my silence can…

I love my silence. Because some words easily refuse me. Some are overrated. And some words I get easily attached to. They just hang on me. And seem to be very beautiful, actually. Beautifying the entire environment. Like decorations on the Christmas tree. But the feeling of attachment remains. There is still that light load that bends the branches of the tree… Even though it makes the tree more beautiful, it bends it at the same time… For it does not belong there, actually… 

I love my silence. Because it is more eloquent than any word. Isn’t that fascinating?

Yes, I love my silence. Because all of the answers are there.

I know people often interpret words differently than the sender meant… The message is often lost on its way to the recipient… That’s why I love my silence.

It is complete, it is self-sufficient. It can tell you everything without a word.

I love my silence. Because sometimes in words I find serenity. Sometimes understanding and knowledge. Sometimes joy. Sometimes none of the above. In silence I find them every time. All of them!

I love my silence. Because it goes beyond my imagination to the infinity. And connects me. With you and your silence. And with the rest of the world.

And it ticks me a little bit as I am writing this. Because I can not explain it with any words the way  it can express itself.

That’s why I want to invite you. In silence. Find your silence. And you will hear everything I want to say to you, that is impossible to put in words…

Love you all

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