New Year – New Beginning: How to make a lasting change?

Although every day is a new day and a new opportunity to decide, to begin, to change whatever we want, the end of one and the beginning of another, new year, somehow gives us more strength, more momentum and motivation to begin. To move. To act.

Perhaps in the calendar we find that additional motivation that we needed, so we say, “Okay, New Year, let’s get started!” You may also make a list of New Year’s resolutions and goals. Or not? Maybe you’ve been disappointed a long time ago, because you could not keep them anymore and you’re not even trying to make new ones any more?


Do you know that the main reason why people do not make New Year’s resolutions and set goals is because they believe they would not achieve them? So it’s better to avoid dissapointment, right? But if you continue to the old, and do not go where life is calling you, you will be disappointed anyway. You may be less aware of this because you did not write down your resolutions or goals, so you did not fail in their accomplishment? It’s a poor consolation because you are still left with your life. Your reality. Your decisions.

Yes, decisions. Because not making decisions about what you want is also a decision. And I believe it all starts right there. With a decision. And that’s all you need. Just like I wrote on the cover of this site. All you need is a decision.

How come a decision is sufficient? I recently saw someone’s comment, asking what if we decide, and then in the morning we simply go back to old habits? The answer is simple. You have not decided.

Last year this time I sat down and wrote my expectations for the next year. And then I wrote what I will do to make it happen. I kept my promise. And guess what? By the middle of the year, or more precisely in July, everything I have wanted, expected and written down was accomplished. It even exceeded my expectations actually…

What would happen if I did not do that? Honestly, I can not even imagine. The fog of chaos. Either you are deliberately drawing your life, or you are letting your hand fly around drawing out whatever it is, because it doesn’t draw intentionally, but by chance, everywhere. Where you focus and intent to move your hand, there it goes, right?

Where you intent and focus your attention, there your energy will go.

This is the purpose of setting goals. Focused attention. Deliberate intent. Not a random choice.


First of all, I will mention something I often mention on my workshops or coaching. The point is not in manifestations, achievements or fulfillment of desire, whether it is material things or relationships and friendships.

That is not what make us happy. The only thing that can keep us happy in the long run is growth and progress. Not even a change. Because the change is happening anyway. No matter if you want it or not. No matter if you did something or not.

Change is unavoidable, but growth and progress are not. They are your choices. Your decision.

To make a decision become a lasting change, you first need to make one. And that means deciding that what you have chosen is the only option for you.

Only when that what you have decided is the only option for you, you have no other choice but to realize it.

WHow to accomplish that? Here are three steps that lead to lasting change.

1 Have a vision that inspires you!

The vision that does not inspire you is not enough challenging or exciting for you. Do you think what you don’t want when you think about your vision? Do you think about what you would like to avoid rather then what you want to experience?

This is very important. OSome time ago I attended the NLP course, where I heard that people are motivated from and to(ward). If you are motivated from, what drives you is something you want to avoid. Are you doing the job because you do not want to be fired? Are you dishonest with someone because you do not want them to get angry at you? Do you eat less so that you do not get weight?

What’s interesting about this motivation is that it’s a short breath, you’re always out of what you do not want, and in fact you’re getting more and more of that! All that comes to you is more reasons you need to get rid of. It’s not inspirational, it’s not lasting.

When you are motivated to(wards), you are focused on what you want. You are looking forward to where you are going. Doing the job because you love it. Because it is fulfilling. You’re honest with others because you want sincere relationships based on trust. You eat to be healthy and vital.

2 Ask yourself why you want it

This will also help you realize what you think you want and what you really want. Because if you do not know why you want something, then how do you know that you want it at all?

Always, without exception, the reason comes first, and the action follows. If you act without being clear about why you are doing it, it will be more than easy to give up. Because it will make no sense for you. Because you will not know why you are doing it.

3 Introduce daily routines that will support your decisions

It might seem boring to some of you who have read my blog for a while that I I repeat this, but it’s incredibly important. Without continuity you will easily slip into your old habits, so the New Year will be, as some say, a new beginning for the old habits.

To make the new beginning really a lasting change, you have to change your habits. Habits and daily routines are what sets us apart.

If you ask yourself what’s the difference between you and someone who is more successful in some area than you, just compare your habits and routines with theirs. That’s the answer.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to step into the New Year with a new vision of you and your life, which will be more in line with your desires and expectations. And if I told you that with just a bit of perseverance, you could witness at the end of the year what I witnessed in this one, I believe you will find a good reason to keep up with it!

Love you all 🙂

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